Case of the month - Number 6.

”Monica came to our office refer from her prosthetic dentistry, because she wants to have longer teeth and a beautiful gum line. We perform a crown lenghtening procedure in the upper jaw with electrosurgical unit at the begining and the Widman modified flap with osteotomy. You can observe the final restorations made in E-max Lithium Disilicate Veneers from Ivoclar Vivadent.”

Case of the month – Number 5

”Juliana it's a beautiful young lady who came to us to correct the gingival recession in the upper jaw. She don`t want any kind of autogenous graft, so we decide to treat her with Puros Dermis allograft and L-PRF”

Case of the month – Number 4

Olga was referred to our clinic to reconstruct the alveolar ridge in the anterior region after losing his front teeth over 20 years ago and rehabilitate this area with dental implants.


Case of the Month – Number 3

Today we present the case of Gilma, a patient with a large aesthetic issue and a bone deficiency in the anterior maxilla. Watch the video to see how with the right selection of biomaterials can preserve gingival structures predictably.


Case of the Month – Number 2

Alba is referes to our clinic, hopping to cover the gingival recessions in 13, 14 and 15 teeth. In Alba`s case we can show the high predictability using acellular dermal matrix, avoiding the use of palate grafts.


Case of the Month – Number 1

This month, we have the opportunity to prove the new Trabecular Metal Implant by Zimmer Dental. The patient has a cavity that compromises the bucal furcation on the first lower molar, so we decide to do the extraction, then insert a Trabecular Metal Implant, make a guided bone regeneration and use growth factors to improve the healing.